Samurai, the art of leading by serving

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In 2014 a Japanese company asked Enric Lladó to identify the most important skills their executives should possess in order to take on the challenges of the future. Fruit of this commission, Enric created the Samurai leadership model.

Since then, thousands of executives from numerous companies have been able to improve their leadership skills and business results after being trained in the four arts of this model.

This book makes this knowledge available to everyone. It is addressed to those who aspire to make a difference generating positive changes around them.

Through these pages the author will approach us to the ancestral wisdom of the legendary samurai warriors and will reconnect us with the true source of our personal power.

We will discover that the word “samurai” means “the one who serves”, that true leadership arises from within and that we can all tread this path because those who lead are really those who are able to serve.

Ficha Técnica

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Rustic cover with flaps
15 x 21 cm
94 pages
ISBN: 978-84-18811-04-3
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Ficha técnica

Enric Lladó

Consultor experto en Pragmática de la Comunicación. Con más de 15 años de experiencia trabajando en compañías multinacionales, actualmente presta sus servicios a prestigiosas empresas como Procter&Gamble, Granini, Freixenet, JTI, Adecco, entre otras, donde realiza proyectos de mejora de la comunicación de personas, equipos y organizaciones y también de mejora de la comunicación con clientes, consumidores y compradores.

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